Form Hard Disk to Glossy Papers

What is documenting all about?

Today, with the digital cameras becoming a common thing available on one’s tip of the hand; the charm that the printed photos had is getting lost. But a photo says it all – it says that you wanted to capture the sweet moment forever in your hearts; it says that you cared enough to be present at that place to see something. We all enjoy leafing through the age old albums from our childhood so much. Will our children have the pleasure of seeing their childhood in print?

They probably have every significant moment captured on a digital media, but will that be enough? With the days passing, these files remain rotten in the phones/computers, and then get lost in the huge digital world. Don’t we need to ensure that this is not the case? This is where the importance of documenting came for me. The images were aplenty that I had to dish out for a new 1 TB hard disk. I knew for sure, I will not be able to go through the entire photos when I felt like seeing my li’l ones infant days.

So for me, documenting was all about pulling up those digital pictures, telling the big (little) stories, and getting it printed in my preferred format. The gorgeous books I get printed, makes me smile every time. For me it is a treasure house of memories. Keep following me for detailed description on how to get the digital scrapbooking done in less than Rs. 1500/- in India.christmas2


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