The beginning

My little one was born in a rainy reason with loads of lovely family members to spoil her.

I was at loss as to what to include in her first baby book. Being in a sub-urban town, baby photo-shoots are not a common thing, and professionals are out of question in small Indian towns. But luckily, two of my family members were photo enthusiasts who eagerly clicked my little one’s pictures. There is nothing sweeter than a new born swaddled up and these images had to preserved.

I made a book of 11 X 8.5 inches (That’s the size of a regular A4 size paper). I personally love Zoomin ( for their various printing options. They are THE professionals in India. They have so many ready-to-go templates too, which can be used for taking the baby steps to the world of digital book printing.

I chose some images that my extremely talented cousin Sahar Latheef, had clicked during her visit to see her brand new niece. The front and back pages were done with the template made available on Zoomin. screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-10-45-01-pmI used three tones for added effects, and included the different expressions, that my little one was going through in those initial three weeks. The end result was good, especially when printed on a Matte Finish Hard Cover book.

This, is how I tackled the big question of “where to start?”.

Thus I took the first step and started the ball rolling. The rest of the pages came along and I am so glad that I took the effort. Today, my little one is one year and three months old, and we both enjoy looking through the book every know and then.

So mommies out there, don’t wait for the professional pictures. It is the everyday life that needs documenting. And it’s easy as ABC. Need  help in starting? Just drop a comment.




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