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Deadlines- postponing and procrastinating

title-pageThe biggest reason why mothers don’t take up scrapbooking is mainly due to the lack of time. Today, the multi-talented ladies, are not just moms, they are everything from a referee to the chef who makes exotic desserts. With a new baby in tow, the responsibilities only doubles and documenting usually gets pushed to the bottom of the to do list.

I too would have pushed the documenting into the bottom of my to-do list, if not for the encouragements I received on the first book. Fortunately for me, I had a three month maternity leave, followed with flexible work for two months. This, with the fact that I have my mom with me, gave me ample time to work on a hobby while I sat home during the maternity leave. With nothing much to do during the time when the LO napped, I took up some crafting and scrapbooking. Crafting was thrown away soon enough, as I was not creative enough. But the craze for journaling and documenting (which was dormant for a very long time) arose like a phoenix. I dusted off my Photoshop skills, learned the ABC’s of digital scrapbooking, and got hooked to Pinterest. To see how the end results would be, I got a book printed with precious details of my baby during her first two months.

Getting the product in hand was all the encouragement I needed to decide to document her life, each stage at a time. It was so beautiful printed by Zoomin (, that it was like my dream come true. So far I have got four books printed; one all done waiting to be printed (Psst… I am waiting for the seasonal coupons from Zoomin – I get my books printed during these offer seasons, and avail a discount of 25% to 30%.); and yet another being done. I usually have a deadline in mind, and work with the date in mind. The documenting and sorting sometimes feel tedious, but the heavy book in hand is worth all the effort I put into. Also, Ria (that’s my little one) loves her life books and makes all the right sounds when we read it together. That’s all I need to keep going, despite the hours I need to put into for the book.

So what was your encouragement to begin the project life? Let me know.




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