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Monthly Baby Facts

Hello people,

I so wanted to record my baby’s important facts every month, and I wanted it to be done easily. I chose Photoshop to design her newborn page; and once the tedious task of deciding about the first page about her was done, the rest came easily. I first chose a blackboard background, used the very first picture of her and worked using various fonts. Once it was done, I saved it as a PSD format and reused it every month. In less than five minutes, her monthly page is ready to be uploaded. Since I did not use the sticker on her (it is something I regret now), I photoshopped the stickers every month. It doesn’t look as good as the original ones, but it looks okay on the printed page. If any one is interested in getting those stickers printed, let me know. I can send you the PDF version, and you can get it printed through any digital printers, at your locality in India, at less than Rs. 20/-. If you need them as stickers itself, even that can be worked out. Just drop a comment for the same.


Since, the above was my first work, I was not entirely satisfied. The second fact page was better, and here is the final work.


I continued the ritual the whole year, and so I have 13 such black boards, printed into her 6 books ( I made a book for every two months). Here is the another layout I did for her tenth month.


The chalk colours were used using the image below. It gave me the exact colours of the chalk used during our school days.


Overall, I am quite satisfied with the results. Let me know what you think about the layout. Ciao!

3 thoughts on “Monthly Baby Facts

  1. Loved the font,style, layout and everything about this…brilliant work…looking forward to see the books.. N maybe in future borrow ur layout… 🙂


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