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Project Life – My Way

I was on a doubt as to how to include the daily little happenings in our life when I came across Project Life on Pinterest. Unfortunately, or so I thought back then, I did not have an iPhone, and a year back, Project Life App was not available for android users. So I decided to dust my Photoshop knowledge I had acquired during my college days, and made some templates similar to project life. This is still my favourite, even though I now use Project Life App on my android phone, with loads of editing on Photoshop.


I have done this sort of fact page for her books, and it’s always fascinating to see how fast she has grown in the short two months. This was my very first attempt, and as you can see there is no color co-ordination, no strokes at the edges etc. etc. But, I am so in love with this page, just because it has been an inspiration for me to work on the little facts.


The idea was to note down little things that made up our lives and that is just what the page helped me do. There are so many baby fact sheet doing the rounds on Pinterest. So which one is your favourite?

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