Giving life to your clicks…

How do you feel when you look through some old pictures of yours? Don’t you wish you remembered the story behind some of those clicks? I have always been a sucker for documenting, and with a brand new baby in hands I decided to give digital scrapbooking a try. 

As mentioned previously, my sole aim has been and will be to ensure that all those clicks taken on multiple devices are stored on physical paper – along with a small note on the happenings. The joy of going through the books are unsurpassable. My LO is now 18 months old, and whenever my hands ache for the innocent babyhood days I sit with my LO and look through her early days captured and re-lived through her baby books. 
So if you have some wonderful pictures and stories to tell, let’s be a part of a family of scrapbookers and bring out our creative juices. As a part of this year’s New Year Gift we have a contest coming up. Stay tuned…. 

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