Journal 2016

Planning for 2017

Project 365 excited me right from the day when I was introduced to it through Pinterest. I so wanted to try it, but something held me back – a fear of not being able to fit in something so organized. I have always been a scatter-brain, with no specific timing; I preferred taking life as it comes. But, with a baby in tow, juggling began to be exhausting. I just could not afford to be a scatter-brain, and hope for my baby to be taught, entertained and loved, all the while ensuring that my work life did not suffer.

Also, my love for documenting grew multi-folds with the growth of my baby. The more books I printed, the greedier I became to document life. December 2016, I decided to come up with a planner for my Project Life. I wanted a planner that could cover all the aspects of life – something I can carry with me everywhere that covered my work, home and Project Life dailies. 3-inner-index-page

Using the various cards from the Project Life App by the very talented Becky Higgins, I created some A5 sized pages that would help me manage everything, but mainly my Project Life with a Project 365 kept in mind. This week, I plan on adding more and more templates and finally the completed work here.

Let’s hope this year becomes a better year as I become more organized in different ways.

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