Journal 2016 · Project 365

Project 365!

With my daughter born, I began to be obsessed about kid photography. Many a time, I drooled over the lovely pictures on Pinterest, and believed that a good DSLR was all that was needed to reproduce it. I soon purchased a Canon EOS – the low cost DSLR with hopes and dreams for a wonderful photographic journey with my little one. Fast forward to today, almost 10 months since the purchase I still am as overwhelmed as I have been with all those rules and tips. I still can’t make head or tail about what should come down and what should stay where.

With little confidence I am embarking on to my journey on Project 365!. A brief write up on the first week so far.

Day 1,

On New Year’s day, I took my LO’s snap with her New Year Gift – an activity box for one year old’s. She seems to love it. Regarding the photo, well let’s just say I am glad that I did not end up going mad turning all those menacing buttons on the camera.



Day 2:

Re-organizing. A quick snap shot of her wardrobe being cleaned out. The little one is sure growing out of her clothes VERY quickly. Photo critique: Taken indoor with over head light. Not at all professional, but just about done the task of picking up the camera and clicking the picture forĀ the day.


Day 3:

Indian Chaat food is one of the yummiest street food, and a must have for food lovers. A very uninspiring picture of the famous Paani Puri.

About the photo: Had around 10 or more photos with just black screen. Somehow managed to click an okay looking photo. Still glad that I have not been totally dejected.


That’s about it for this post. I am hoping for some good comments on how to actually understand about the ISO and metering etc etc.



3 thoughts on “Project 365!

      1. I am sure if you keep shooting you will be up to speed quite quickly. For now the tip to get more light into the photos would be to shoot wide open on the aperture (F4.5) and you can look to get in extra light through using a reflector or positioning the subject near a large open window or door way…


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