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Project 365 – Part II

For the past few days, all I have been doing is enjoy these crisp photographs taken by the incredibly talented Cat Lenke from I have been obsessed with her photographs of the kids, and against all prejudices in mind, I left a comment with a plea for tips. The simple reply was all I needed to give my Day 4 a try.

Day 4:

I don’t have enough lighting where she sleeps. I tried notching the ISO up and turning the shutter speed down to take this quick picture of my babies, morning sleep.


Day 5:

My little one is obsessed with playing in water, and here is a shot of her playing in our back yard. Now this photo is what made me realise that I can take pictures that are good. Loved how the light has illuminated her legs and how those droplets stand out. Special thanks to Cat Lenke ( Photography for the heads up. 🙂


Day 6: Childhood in Kerala can never be without coconut shells and some dirt. Ria’s “Cheratta Time” today.

Photo Critique: Back to the guessing game with my DSLR. Reasonably happy with the output. img_3488

That’s it for the first 6 days.

Let me know what you think of my opening days. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Part II

  1. The composition of the one of your child playing in the water is great and I agree that the droplets really stand out! The coconut shells also look like a lot of fun. This must be a local culture? I’d love to see more shots like this, are you able to take pictures even closer?


    1. We live in a coastal town in Kerala, which is named after coconut trees. So everything from our dishes to brooms has something to do with coconut. :). In good old days, the kids used these coconut shells for playing with mud and water. Those traditions are long gone. But, my kiddo seems to love playing with water in the shells.
      Regarding the photo taking, I am trying everyday. Somedays I am so happy about my pictures, while the others are not so good. But, I am happy and not at dejected. Will post more pictures on the blog soon. Thanks a ton for the wonderful words of encouragement.

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