The dilemma of a camera shy Mom

I was always a bit reluctant when it came to photos. To say that I am camera shy would be putting things mildly. I hate the cameras. I hate being the subject of scrutiny, and hate being the centre stage in any photos. If I had my way, I would totally disappear even from the many group family pictures taken. I hated it, and still hate it with the same intensity.

Today, I am not just ME, I am a mom desperately trying to solve the mystery of photography and at the same time, trying to weave interesting stories for her Life Books. Going through it I have discovered that I am mostly absent during the shoots. I am just an eye and I know it is time to change my perspective. 

So for the next four weeks I am challenging myself to be the subject on every Monday  in our Project 365! challenge. Now that I am starting to understand light, I will have to find more inspirations for being a notch better at clicking my little one. Wish me luck. 

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