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Giveaway Time

Hello People,

I just got 150 visitors and as a token for the small acceptance, I am throwing a giveaway. With the inspiration from Pinterest, I have made a infographics for my kiddo when she turned 1.


The pictures were chosen from the 3k photos that were clicked in her first year, and edited using the Pen tool on Photoshop. I then put together everything to fit into her A4 sized baby book. To say I am pleased with the result would be an understatement. I am really very happy to have her details at one glance.

So what is the giveaway about? 

As mentioned, I just crossed 150 visitors on my little blog. As a part of the happiness and also as an attempt to increase the viewers I am hosting this giveaway.

What needs to be done for taking part?

All you need to do is share the infographics on Facebook or pin in to your board on Pinterest. Leave a comment with your email id, and that’s it. You will be considered for the lucky draw for the giveaway.

What will be the prize? 

The lucky winner gets a chance for a free infographics done as above. The things I will need are:

  1. Facts that you need me to be included.
  2. Good quality pictures that can be edited and used.

Once I get the above, I will be delivering the infographics in a week. Please note, the infographics will be delivered only in digital format as JPEG. So participants from all parts of the world are welcomed whole heartedly. đŸ™‚

Any clarifications or questions? Do comment below.





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