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Documenting a Year in Baby’s Life

Like all mothers I did not want to let my little one’s baby days slip through my hands.Yet, there it was slipping right before my eyes. The days were just flying by, and that was when I decided to ensure that documenting was a way forward for me. One and half years later, today, we both sit together once in a while, and go through 5  books printed for her.
The last book for her first year has been pending for sometime now and finally I got it done too.
Cover page:
The cover page called for the key growth milestones as she grew from a baby to a toddler. I made a rectangular collage with baby pink borders, and four of my favourite photos of her.
First page:
I always began with writing a letter to my little one. On this special occasion there was no going back from that routine. View a few of my letters from the book here.
Second Page: 
The Second Page has been for her major achievements and stats, with her monthly photo. I used up this page for her 11th month milestones. The previous pages can be seen here.
The next pages were about our daily routine and the little things we did in those months. May is scorching hot in Kerala, and our life was filled with water melons, ice-creams and bath time. More about in the posts to come.
P.S. Even though I had made the book 6 months later, I had written down the key points the very same month. This ensured I had all the journalling matter in hand with dates and facts. It is so easy to forget about little details like our first time at the beach, first teething date etc. in the big picture of life, so jotting down everything is the key for making baby books. If you are looking for some ideas, do follow my Pinterest Boards here

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