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Project Life Layout


It’s been a hectic month, and even though I had this resolution to be more prompt on blogging, it’s just another resolution that went down the dumps. On the positive side, my photo taking resolution still seems to be going okay, and my little one know seems a bit more okay to the idea of me behind the lens, trailing behind her. She even ask to me to click (making a clicking sound) when she is being silly with some props or being downright naughty. That is definitely a good sign for me 🙂

Going on to today’s topic, as I have mentioned before, I usually use a mix of Project Life layout from Becky Higgins app and then adds element on photoshop to get the complete page for my little one’s book. Today, I am planning on to take you through two layouts I had done last year.

Project Life Layout - 8.5 X 11

This layout used cards from the Android App, and using the collage option, I made several collages. I later saved it to Google Drive, opened it on my Mac, and edited it to fit an A4 size sheet. I am in love with the calendar card, and the quote card. Also, I am slowly becoming aware about colour coordinating. It is not anywhere near perfect, but I hope to get there soon.

Project Life Layout 11 X 8.5

This layout is yet another example, of how I turned and 8 X 8 layout to an A4 sheet layout. If you are into digital scrapbooking using the App, you would be aware of the sizes available on it. We are restricted in choosing an 8 x 8 or 12 x12, and unfortunately I had already started with 8.5 X 11. 5 sized layout for my girl.

I did not want to have different sized books for her, so I usually import the layout – with cards and quotes – to Google Drive. It would look like this:


Then I add my photos, change the colours on some cards using Photoshop to suit my colour theme, and do a little embellishments here are there. It is so much easier than doing the entire layout on Photoshop, but still gives the advantage of being able to customise to suit your pages. The whole work takes anywhere around 10 – 20 minutes, less if well planned.

Now a days, I do all the planning well in advance, and my Project Life for 2017 is already done for the month of January. We will be covering the layouts used in January in the next blog post. Until then, Ciao.

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