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Documenting a Year in Baby’s Life

Like all mothers I did not want to let my little one’s baby days slip through my hands.Yet, there it was slipping right before my eyes. The days were just flying by, and that was when I decided to ensure that documenting was a way forward for me. One and half years later, today, we… Continue reading Documenting a Year in Baby’s Life

Digital Scrapbooking · Documenting

Letters from the Mother to the Daughter…

I always begin my baby’s baby book with a small letter for the two months. It helps me express how I feel, and is a great beginner. For the layout, I usually keep it simple with a small photo, with a coloured border. The border usually matches the dress she is wearing in the photo… Continue reading Letters from the Mother to the Daughter…

Digital Scrapbooking · Documenting

Deadlines- postponing and procrastinating

The biggest reason why mothers don’t take up scrapbooking is mainly due to the lack of time. Today, the multi-talented ladies, are not just moms, they are everything from a referee to the chef who makes exotic desserts. With a new baby in tow, the responsibilities only doubles and documenting usually gets pushed to the bottom… Continue reading Deadlines- postponing and procrastinating