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DIY Cake Smash for less than $10

Six months back my little one turned ONE. Since I have become obsessed with documenting, I could not do away without a cake smash for Ria.

I simply wanted some fun with my girl, and so decided to bake a cake and frost it with pink cream. I made a basic sponge cake, cut the insides and used it as a second layer, making my cake a two tier cake without breaking my back.

All the while we had fun, licking the whip cream and making a huge mess everywhere.

Cake Smaah at home
Ensuring peace while baking

Since I am pretty much crippled when it comes to artistic stuff, I  used some colored beads to make a 1 on the cake. It wasn’t a runaway hit, but we were happy with the cake.

Next came the setting up of our mini studio. I do not have any fancy equipments or lighting, but with some help from Pinterest I made a simple set up with curtains as back drop, a white board as reflector. I printed out ONE from the local printer and hung it a piece of wool.

Then I upturned a box for the table and setup the cake. Only after all this did I let my baby see the cake. The result was a fun shoot session with her. Happy Mama and Happy baby.

Let me know what you think of our Cake Smash.

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